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APA Psych Services on Demand Content Listing

50 Years in Midtown:  Past, Present and Future of Mental Health and the Metropolis
50th Anniversary Panel Discussion - Len Stein, Matthew Dumont, Joel Feiner
A Holistic Mind-Body Approach to the Treatment of Trauma and Severe Mental Illness
Administrative Psychiatry Award (EDU)-Poverty as a Factor in Social Crisis and Human Disasters
Are We Doing Enough to Protect?  Assessment of At-Risk Caregiving Attitudes and Parenting Behavior Among Parents with Mental Illness  
Avoiding Psychiatric Inpatient Hospitalizations via Emergency and Outpatient Alternatives
Behavioral Health Care and the NYC Child Welfare System:  An Antiracist Historical Analysis of a Critical Relationship
Best Practices in Office-Based Pharmacotherapy of Substance Use Disorders
Building Primary Care in a Community Mental Health Center
Clinical Approaches to Working with People who are Homeless and have Mental Illnesses:  Challenges and Rewards
Community Mental Health and Community Health Centers
Conflict of Interest Issues in Psychiatry:  An Update
Dementia Update:  Clinical Management and Research Horizons (AAGP)
Developing Training with a Racial Lens:  Self-Assessment Tool and Guidelines
Early Intervention and Youth Mental Health Models of Care: 21st Century Solutions to Strengthen Mental Health Care and Modern Society
Editors' Choice Award-AJP-Comparative Effectiveness of Collaborative Chronic Care Models for Mental Health Conditions Across Primary, Specialty, and Behavioral Health Care Settings: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Editors' Choice Award-PS-New Approaches to Social Integration
Electronic Health Records:  What Psychiatrists Need to Know
Emergency Psychiatry:  A Contemporary Paradigm from Theory to Practice (35862)
Engineering a New Practice Model:  Real World Experience Integrating Primary Care at a Community Mental Health Center (WS 35882→IP)
Establishing Psychiatric Services in a Primary Care Setting:  A Private Practice Model               
First Look:  Exploring Peer Counselor Effectiveness in an Inpatient Psychiatric Setting
Forensic Emergency Psychiatric Evaluation:  Challenges in Providing Equitable Care for Inmate/Patients:  An Interdisciplinary and Inter-Agency Approach
From Caligari to Hannibal the Cannibal:  Sinister Psychiatrists in Cinema
Geriatric Psychiatry:  Update and Review
Health Homes, Integration and the Public Safety Net:  Implications for Psychiatry
How to Treat Sleep Disorders in Patients with Addiction
Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in the Real World:  Dialectical Behavioral Therapy at an Urban Community Mental Health Center
Improving Lives and Lifespans:  Opportunities for Psychiatrists Collaborating with Primary Care
Inequality:  The Enemy Between Us?
Innovations in Integrated Assessment, Service Matching and Recovery Planning for Individuals with Co-Occurring Psychiatric and Substance Disorders
Innovative Peer Support Services for Individuals with SMI in an Academic, Community Mental Health Center
Innovative Volunteer Services, Including a Full-Time Summer Internship for College Undergraduates, Within an Academic Community Mental Health Center Context
Integrated Care with the DIAMOND Model:  Improving Clinical Outcomes, Reducing Costs and Enhancing Patient Experience
Integrating Behavioral Health and Primary Care:  Practical Skills for the Consultant Psychiatrist
Integration of Primary Care and Psychiatry in a Public Psychiatry Fellowship
Involuntary Commitment for Grave Substance Use Disorders:  The Chronic Public Inebriate Initiative at Bellevue Hospital Center 
Loneliness and Suicide:  A Family-Specific Approach Using Security-Based Self-Representations
Madly Gifted
Maintaining Recovery from Severe and Persistent Mental Disorders
Marijuana:  Drug or Medicine - Experience with Michigan Medical Marijuana Law
Menolascino Award (HCSF)-An Overview of Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders
Mental Health Coverage and Mental Health Care in State Insurance Exchanges
Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and Integrated Care: Contemporary American & Global Challenges
Optimizing Care for PTSD, Depression, and Alcohol Use Problems:  Clinical Applications of Measurement-Based Care
Oskar Pfister Award (OMNA) - How is Religion Relevant to Psychiatry?:  Research and Applications
Physician Mental Health: Exploring Clinical Challenges, Disruptive Behavior, and Wellness
Playing with Yourself and Others:  A Review of Internet-Related Behavioral Addictions
Practical Solutions:  Meeting the Special Challenges in Delivering Primary Care to People with Serious Mental Illnesses
Preparing for the New Healthcare Ecosystem: Integrating Behavioral & Physical Health  
Primary Care Updates for Psychiatrists
Psychodynamic Principles used when Prescribing Medications:  Considerations About the Placebo and Other Meaning Effects
Recovery Un-Debate-Mark Ragins, Erik Roskes, Harvey Rosenthal, Neal Adams
Recovery-Based HIPAA
Research on Socially Assigned Race, Health, and Mental Health (OMNA)
Successful Psychosocial Aging in Schizophrenia is Not an Oxymoron: Role of Behavioral Interventions
Suicide:  From Risk Assessment to a Never Event
Taking Strengths Seriously
The "Mash-up":  Community Psychiatry Meets Consult-Liaison Psychiatry in Collaborating with Primary Care
The Changing Face of Psychosis
The Fifth Cycle of Reform:  Integration or Deinstitutionalization
The Making of a Community Psychatrist:  A Training Track for Residents
The Myth of Mental Health Criminalization:  Re-Focusing Re-Entry Treatment
The Revolving Door of Transinstitutionalization: Challenges Met and Lessons Learned in Community, Corrections and Veterans Psychiatry
Trauma Informed Care and Confronting Organizational Racism:  An Integrated Approach to Systems Change for Consumers and Providers
Trustin’ Wise Ole’ Owls: Racial Stress, Coping, & Socialization in Black Families
Understanding Burnout and Protecting Ourselves
Urban Psychiatry
Violence Risk Assessment and Screening:  The Risks of Doing Too Much or Too Little
When Your Best Collateral is the Daily News:  Treating High Profile Patients in the Criminal Justice System
Why Psychiatrists Don't do Psychotherapy Even Though it Works